Why should I book Asian Divas?

You have spent countless hours putting together your big event, traveled continents to select the perfect outfit and matching jewels, but the most important detail remains – how will you – the centre of it all – put your look together? Our expertise is your peace of mind. At Asian Divas we have been trusted by international clients from all cultural backgrounds to help put their best face forward. No detail will go unchecked, your outfit will be dressed and pinned professionally, your hair and makeup will last, and you can concentrate on celebrating your day feeling your best. All photographs on this site have been taken with a basic SLR camera and photoshop has not been used on any of the makeup or hairstyles in these images. You will not only look great in photographs but more importantly in person also. Professionally applied makeup will help complete the look you spent so many months pulling together. Just a simple professional application that takes into consideration your unique features can have surprising effects. Together with a professional photographer, you will see amazing results in your photographs. Getting rest is key in putting your best face forward on your wedding day – lack of sleep may lead to puffy watery eyes and inflamed skin. We only take one bridal booking per morning and we start Sikh weddings out at 5am.

Do you have experience in working with my skin tone/type?

We work full time in the makeup industry – in doing so we are constantly presented with various skin tones and conditions. Whether you are dark, olive, oriental, or have skin concerns such as scars, redness, uneven skin tone or acne – we will be able to help you look radiant for your wedding. The products we use include but are not limited to MAC Cosmetics, Smashbox, Chanel, Bobby Brown, Makeup Forever etc. We are skilled in matching foundation exactly to your undertone. No ashy, cakey or pale foundations will be used! Please take a look at our portfolio to see our work.

Can you work with my hair to get the desired style I like?

At Asian Divas, we have worked with clients with very thin hair to thick course hair. We do recommend that you collect pictures of your desired hairstyles and we will work together to achieve your dream look. We use various synthetic and real hair extensions to create your desired hairstyle. If you can dream it, we can achieve it. If you require real human clip in hair extensions – we recommend 20″ with clips sewn in. Clients will be responsible for the cost providing these extensions, we do have our own AAA Remy hair extension available for rent at our studio.

Who can receive our services?

We do runway, fashion, editorial, portfolios, weddings, graduations, Parties and any occasion where you need to stand out from the crowd. We do specialize in wedding and glamour hair and makeup application. Male grooming is also available and is highly recommended for the groom to help discreetly cover imperfections and control shine for photographs.

How long does a makeup application and hairstyling take?

We ask that you please allow atleast 3 hours to ensure perfect makeup application, hairstyling, and dressing services. To avoid timing issues please allow the minimum, plus extra time to get dressed, take photographs and get to your ceremony on time. We only take one bridal booking per morning and we start Sikh weddings at 5am.

Will my makeup last all day?

That depends on the package you choose. Details are given in the makeup menu. Professionally applied makeup will last the duration of your wedding day with proper care. Quality products are always used and steps are taken to ensure your makeup lasts. We will provide you with tips for wedding day touch-ups and a list of must-haves. We do provide lip touch ups for bridal clients. We do also suggest clients purchase blot paper or light powder to keep their t-zone oil free and makeup fresh looking throughout the day. Also please avoid makeup transfer by avoiding contact with your face throughout your day (ie hugging relatives cheek to cheek, if you cry – pat your tears with a paper towel, do not wipe your face, etc). Most of the products we use are water resistant in nature. We do suggest once your makeup is complete that you eat with a fork and knife and drink with a straw to ensure your makeup lasts.

Do you travel outside of High Point, NC for work?

Yes we are available to travel. We have had clients fly us all over America and the world for destination weddings. Additional travel/accomodation costs would be covered by the client. Contact us for more details.

Do you provide trials or consultations?

Consultations are and preview trials are free only upon confirmed bookings. – where we sit and meet with you, go over your outfits, jewelry, and pictures of hair and makeup ideas so we are on the same page the day of. This is where you can meet with us to discuss your preferences for makeup and hairstyles on your wedding day. We will look over your outfits and jewelry and take notes so the look can be created on your wedding day. If you would like a dress rehearsal or any other element that might be bothersome for you on the day of… that is available upon request at your free preview trial. We will can apply some makeup and preview hairstyles for you and take notes so the look can be recreated on your wedding day.

Tips for consultations and dress rehearsals?
  • Collect magazine pictures of makeup and hair styles you like. Think about what you like and don’t like about the makeup and hairstyles in your reference picture. We can combined the things you like to create the look you prefer.
  • Have clean makeup free skin at your dress rehearsal.
  • Please try all of your jewelry on prior to purchase to make sure no repairs or additional work is required. * Bring your bridal outfits and jewelry with you to your consultations or dress rehearsal.
  • Please ensure all zippers and buttons on your outfits are working and intact.
  • Keep it intimate – one on one consultations work best, but feel free to bring a family member or friend. This allows us to work together on your desired look.
How do I book you for my wedding?
Please contact us to make arrangements to book us for your event. We will meet with you to go over a contract, and provide you with a receipt. We do require a 50% deposit, with the balance due on the date of your event. Its very common for brides to book us upto 2 years in advance, and then a meeting is set up once you have purchased your outfits and selected your jewelry. If you have us booked for multiple events, will go over over all your outfits and jewelry to ensure we have completely different looks for all of your wedding and prewedding events. We will travel to you on your wedding and reception date, all prewedding event appointments are completed at our Studio only on weekdays.
What should I do the day of my appointment?

* have a light and healthy breakfast before our arrival – be wearing your wedding outfit top upon our arrival *( if it does not have a free zipper.) Have your hair blown out straight (washed the night before ) with no product in it * have an area set up with good lighting with two seats – one for you and your makeup artist in front of you near a window to allow in natural light. * have a table set up beside you near an electrical outlet to plug in our hair tools. You hair artist will be working behind AND makeup done face to face with your makeup artist. We carry our own makeup chair.* Please try all of your jewelry on prior to purchase and again before your wedding day to make sure no repairs or additional work is required. * Have all your jewelry and accessories laid out nearby for access after your hair and makeup is completed.

What Beauty Tips would you give us?

We do understand that there are celebratory events leading up to your big day. These events can stress out your body so here are a few tips to help us put your best face forward: we do have a seperate page of tips for brides under my column.

But in short avoid high fat, high salt foods, and alcoholic beverages the days leading up to your event to avoid water retention drink 8 glasses of water a day to avoid water retention get at least 30 mins of exercise a day – this will reduce stress and improve your general sense of well being get as much sleep as possible the night before your event, this will visibly improve your skin tone and your sense of well being if your hair is dry, get a deep conditioning hair treatment 7 days before your events (if any closer to the date it may in fact weigh your hair down) have any facials or skin treatments at least 14 days before your event to avoid any residual skin trauma or redness

Have all hair cuts and hair color treatments 30 days before your event – if it doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, there is time to correct it. if you hair is oily, purchase Neutrogena Anti-residue Shampoo to clear the hair of buildup 7 days before your wedding on you wedding day once your makeup is complete – eat with a fork and knife and drink fluids with a straw to ensure your makeup lasts

Is my deposit refundable?

Deposit are generally non refundable – but we do understand that circumstances may arise where a wedding date may change or be cancelled in case of emergency./ If your wedding/event is postponed or cancelled we will honor your booking fee, if you choose to book an alternative date ( Upon my availability)..else the booking fee is non refundable.

How soon should I schedule my preview trial?

I offer free consultation and preview …therefore suggest that clients schedule a preview makeup session at least 2 months in advance of their wedding or special event. This allows a customized look to be developed for each client’s unique style. This is the perfect opportunity to begin to coordinate your look to all the other elements of your special day such as dress color, jewellery, flowers, your bridal party and even the venue. Also, now is the time to experiment with hairstyles or makeup looks you may like to try like from magazines. it is important that you Please bring your event attire and jewellery for the trial. We will travel to you on your wedding and event date, all prewedding event appointments are completed at our Studio only on weekdays.

What will be your tavel charges?

Complimentary travel to locations within 50 miles(25 miles one way, 50 miles roundtrip) of Zip Code 27265.

Travel to additional locations beyond 50 miles(25 miles one way, 50 miles roundtrip)……$0.50 per mile.

AIRFARE is clients responsibility upon their reasonable convenience. Please avoid indirect flights on direct routes. As we may not accept it if very inconvenient.

What are your other Terms and conditions?
  • A booking of 50% of the total ,must be paid to secure your Wedding date. This will come off your total amount on the day. Booking fee is non refundable.
  • Free Consultation and Preview is offered only after a 50% booking fee is paid
  • If your wedding/event is postponed or cancelled we will honor your booking fee, if you choose to book an alternative date ( Upon my availability)..else the booking fee is non refundable.
  • Upon booking a 24 hour cooling off period applies from the date the deposit is paid.
  • All payments must be received in full, no later than 7 days prior to your wedding date. ASIAN DIVAS Makeup Services reserves the right to cancel your booking and keep your deposit, if your full payment is not received 7 days prior to your wedding date.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Any hair and makeup consultation trial exceeding 2.0 hours will be charged at an extra hourly rate of $40
  • Any additional hair and or makeup trial besides booking, hours will be charged at an extra hourly rate $40 as per our price list.
  • Airfare, Hotel Accommodations , Parking Fee and any other associated costs for the stylists will be charged to the customer.
  • Please note that a booking is not secure until a booking deposit has been paid.
  • I also acknowledge that ASIAN DIVAS Makeup Services may use Your photographs for their portfolio, website and any promotions concerning our Company.
What else do I need to know?

We have request for certain things….
Please have a bathrobe ready with you .. As we may require for u to wear ur blouse before we start the makeup.💆
Photographers keep coming in ..🏃.. So…you may find the need to wear it.
We do require a regular height chair to do the hair ..although we carry our own makeup chair. 💺We will also utilize the table space that is available in your room.🔳 We do carry an extra folding table as an backup.

Please verify that you have A mirror large enough to view your entire outfit look.🎴on ur location .
Please avoid unnecessary crowding in the room 👪as that can slow as down and ultimately can delay you with your timings.🕦
Please have your face moisturized and slough the dead skin before the event. 💆Especially the lips and the nose for a cleaner finish with the make up.💄
Pls Do not shampoo your hair that day if your chosen hairstyle is an updo. 🛀You could do it the previous day. If ur chosen hairstyle is hair down it is okay to Shampoo 🙆 the same day.
Please give us three hours to do our best job. ⏰Extension service is additional 25 minutes.
If you would like a complimentary polish 💅change the timing is not included that would be additional.
Please keep visine or any other eye redness remover if u have a regular problem or expect one 👓. Coz That does not look good in photos.
It is advisable that you have a cup of tea or coffee ☕before coming into our chair, as long hours could be tiring..
Also have some water bottles arranged for you and for your stylist we would appreciate that.👍
Please do let us know in Advance as to who would be responsible to pay us… As we do not like to disturb the bride.📵
We request 10 mins ⏰only of ur valuable time for photos… We will merge in if u already have an existing photo shoot 📷arranged ,If not we request 10 mins of ur valuable time
For lasting memories of Asian divas wall of fame.💃
We will come 30 mins b4 the appointment to setup.
We carry 4-5 bags of equipment and gear.🚗
Please inform the front desk of ur hotel to expect us.🌃 Please arrange for a key if nobody will already be checked in 🔑.We also need help to unload if your venue is not a hotel. Please arrange for some help we really would appreciate.🌷

Please have your entire event kit ready ahead of time ,which includes your attire ,💃jewelry ,shoes 👠, hair accessories, 🌺 clutch( if any)👛 perfume and your touch up kit.👝